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Eh?OMG (x4) Very good, OMG. Oh, you're very goodOMG, cuteThis is Korean big holiday....clothesvery veryspecialOoooh cuteWhy corn?What is that?What this weapon?What is that?What?Thank you, very cuteOh Daph. Daph and me, right?LovelyToo much filter, too much filter nowNow we our mouthsandEye is very boom and mouth boomand boomBut very cuteDo you like girls?I'm just... girl is friendandI wantboyfriendWhat?Gimme gimme gimmie gimmieOh no no no no noOh, what? Oh what?"Chat: we want no makeup stream.""Hachubby: neber..."Why you want?!Noooo"Look at all this food about to expire"What?"Guess I just have to eat it all"What this mean? Thank you so muchWowpepeDOh my godminus 50 kilogram thisNoI'm same now same really same I'm not differentNo! I'm notNoooNoooOh? "Sorry maybe... delete this?"Sorry maybe.... delete this?OMG cute, thank you"Hachu mercy""perfect""Your mercy go to the delete"What is that?Pepega's angelsWhat is that?Not Pepega!We are just.....Pretty angels, understand? We are beautiful angels"Victory screech!"Oh?Oh?OMG, made animation- hachu animation"Pickychu"Why? I'm not PickychuHeeeey...StopWhy pink pants nowHAchubby 10...What?"Thou shall not watch any other streamers but HAchubby only.""...shall not mention old HAchubby in chat.""...shall not eat, send or mention any kind of cucumbers in front of HAchubby.""...shall not make fun of pink shorts.""...shall not buy from any other stores but emart(24) only.""...shall not mention "no make-up stream" in chat.""...shall not-""...shall never call HAchubby fat.""...shall not make fun of ketchup bags.""...shall always lose-"OMG, she have cider. OMG, very very sexy. OhOMG looks luxury and all very sexyWhat is this?!Looks game-what colorful andGood effect, right?maybeProfessional human. Yesprofessional drawing humanOMGOh, oh oh, oh I lostI now brokenThis is very very sadAll people goes to mistake never mistake is not humanIt's okayJust it's okayToo much worry stop you. Just you changeyour mind change and your life changed human change is very veryDifficult, but you can because i'm changed my life changedMy life is now changed. YeahYes, yes, this is amazingThank you, thank you. Yes, I can hide my broken lifeWhat is that? Hey..Now diet?"Same shirts but different PepeHands""Old hachu (6 Months ago)" "New Hachu (Now) +5KG"I'm just +2KGHey, what is that?"Perfect for hiding pink shorts""PepeLaugh""Hey..""You think me hide pink short?!""You think real?!""You think?!""You think me hide pink short?!""This is not joke"You think?!"Perfect for hiding pink shorts PepeLaugh"Thank you beat! Thank you!You think me hide pink short? Real?! You think?!YesForeign

Do I look the same

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<text sub="clublinks" start="2.8" dur="0.52">Eh?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="6.56" dur="7.62">OMG (x4) Very good, OMG. Oh, you're very good</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="18.32" dur="1.84">OMG, cute</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="20.16" dur="2.559">This is Korean big holiday....</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="23.68" dur="1.28">clothes</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="24.96" dur="1.52">very very</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="26.48" dur="2">special</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="43.58" dur="1.6">Ooooh cute</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="45.64" dur="0.64">Why corn?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="47.36" dur="1.24">What is that?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="48.6" dur="0.86">What this weapon?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="49.82" dur="0.88">What is that?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="51.3" dur="0.5">What?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="51.98" dur="1.36">Thank you, very cute</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="55.28" dur="2.78">Oh Daph. Daph and me, right?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="62.54" dur="0.5">Lovely</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="65.28" dur="2.72">Too much filter, too much filter now</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="68.799" dur="2.161">Now we our mouths</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="70.96" dur="0.5">and</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="71.68" dur="3.519">Eye is very boom and mouth boom</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="76.58" dur="0.56">and boom</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="78.88" dur="2">But very cute</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="81.68" dur="1.22">Do you like girls?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="83.4" dur="2.74">I'm just... girl is friend</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="86.38" dur="0.5">and</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="87.68" dur="1.42">I want</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="89.1" dur="1.699">boyfriend</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="90.799" dur="1.28">What?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="92.08" dur="4.94">Gimme gimme gimmie gimmie</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="97.02" dur="3.22">Oh no no no no no</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="101.6" dur="3.059">Oh, what? Oh what?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="117.04" dur="2.44">"Chat: we want no makeup stream."</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="119.48" dur="1.36">"Hachubby: neber..."</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="122.98" dur="1.8">Why you want?!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="128.82" dur="0.8">Noooo</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="135.52" dur="3.68">"Look at all this food about to expire"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="141.34" dur="0.88">What?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="143.52" dur="2.92">"Guess I just have to eat it all"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="147.68" dur="3.06">What this mean? Thank you so much</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="154.16" dur="0.68">Wow</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="157.42" dur="1.72">pepeD</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="165.52" dur="1.999">Oh my god</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="167.519" dur="2.32">minus 50 kilogram this</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="170.48" dur="1.2">No</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="171.68" dur="4.74">I'm same now same really same I'm not different</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="185.04" dur="2.76">No! I'm not</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="188.04" dur="0.92">Nooo</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="190.14" dur="0.88">Nooo</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="194.48" dur="3.46">Oh? "Sorry maybe... delete this?"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="199.34" dur="2">Sorry maybe.... delete this?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="202.08" dur="1.82">OMG cute, thank you</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="209.1" dur="0.96">"Hachu mercy"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="210.22" dur="1.22">"perfect"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="211.44" dur="3.36">"Your mercy go to the delete"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="215.2" dur="1.759">What is that?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="216.96" dur="1.84">Pepega's angels</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="218.8" dur="0.86">What is that?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="220.56" dur="2.02">Not Pepega!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="222.72" dur="1.56">We are just.....</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="224.96" dur="4.42">Pretty angels, understand? We are beautiful angels</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="230.68" dur="1.8">"Victory screech!"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="238.04" dur="0.5">Oh?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="240.28" dur="0.5">Oh?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="241.9" dur="3">OMG, made animation- hachu animation</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="254.5" dur="1.3">"Pickychu"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="256.52" dur="1.68">Why? I'm not Pickychu</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="259.46" dur="1.04">Heeeey...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="261.76" dur="0.64">Stop</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="267.68" dur="2">Why pink pants now</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="271.259" dur="2">HAchubby 10...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="273.6" dur="1.68">What?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="275.28" dur="4.72">"Thou shall not watch any other streamers but HAchubby only."</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="281.58" dur="3.5">"...shall not mention old HAchubby in chat."</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="285.08" dur="9.06">"...shall not eat, send or mention any kind of cucumbers in front of HAchubby."</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="294.44" dur="3.2">"...shall not make fun of pink shorts."</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="297.64" dur="5.18">"...shall not buy from any other stores but emart(24) only."</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="304.08" dur="4.32">"...shall not mention "no make-up stream" in chat."</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="308.44" dur="1.12">"...shall not-"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="313.44" dur="2.64">"...shall never call HAchubby fat."</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="316.56" dur="3.36">"...shall not make fun of ketchup bags."</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="320.72" dur="2.4">"...shall always lose-"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="330.08" dur="7.76">OMG, she have cider. OMG, very very sexy. Oh</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="339.36" dur="3.04">OMG looks luxury and all very sexy</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="343.919" dur="2">What is this?!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="354.88" dur="2">Looks game-</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="357.12" dur="2">what colorful and</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="359.199" dur="2">Good effect, right?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="361.36" dur="1.26">maybe</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="362.62" dur="2">Professional human. Yes</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="365.14" dur="2.2">professional drawing human</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="371.04" dur="1.08">OMG</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="376.32" dur="2.1">Oh, oh oh, oh I lost</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="385.44" dur="2">I now broken</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="389.28" dur="2">This is very very sad</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="392.8" dur="4.239">All people goes to mistake never mistake is not human</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="399.12" dur="1.359">It's okay</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="400.479" dur="1.921">Just it's okay</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="402.4" dur="3.04">Too much worry stop you. Just you change</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="406.08" dur="5.119">your mind change and your life changed human change is very very</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="412" dur="5.199">Difficult, but you can because i'm changed my life changed</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="418.16" dur="2">My life is now changed. Yeah</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="421.34" dur="3.239">Yes, yes, this is amazing</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="436.319" dur="6.16">Thank you, thank you. Yes, I can hide my broken life</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="444.56" dur="2">What is that? Hey..</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="454.04" dur="0.98">Now diet?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="455.84" dur="3.679">"Same shirts but different PepeHands"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="460.56" dur="5.62">"Old hachu (6 Months ago)" "New Hachu (Now) +5KG"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="466.52" dur="0.88">I'm just +2KG</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="468.64" dur="2">Hey, what is that?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="472.56" dur="2">"Perfect for hiding pink shorts"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="475.44" dur="0.88">"PepeLaugh"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="476.78" dur="0.56">"Hey.."</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="479.58" dur="2.5">"You think me hide pink short?!"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="483.82" dur="1.28">"You think real?!"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="487.18" dur="0.96">"You think?!"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="489.64" dur="2.16">"You think me hide pink short?!"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="501.76" dur="2.86">"This is not joke"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="514.4" dur="1.54">You think?!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="519.3" dur="2.96">"Perfect for hiding pink shorts PepeLaugh"</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="549.44" dur="2">Thank you beat! Thank you!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="575.44" dur="5.919">You think me hide pink short? Real?! You think?!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="584.399" dur="2">Yes</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="603.76" dur="2">Foreign</text>