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Barbie - The Three Little MatchmakersFine!Then take the job!Well I'm not sure what else I can do?Ahhh...Don't take the job!But it's such an great opportunity for meSkipper...Bye ZacHave a nice life!(Slam!)Skipper!(Crying)Skipper!What's wrong?Zac...We broke upWhat?!What?!What does break up mean?He got a job offer and it's on the other side of the countryOh Skipper...Right!Where is he?He's out the frontI'll be backNo one makes my Auntie upset!Isabelle...Isabelle!You messed with the wrong family, Zac!Huh?And don't...Ahhhh-ya!(Whack!)Isabelle...Come...Ahhhh-ya!(Whack!)But...Back!Ahhhh-ya!(Whack!)I...And there's plenty more where that came from!(Slam!)Don't be mad...What did you do?I showed him what happens when he messes with this family!Isabelle...!Well he made Auntie Skipper upsetWell thank you, IsabelleYou're welcomeJust one thing...Yes Isabelle?Can I have an ice pack?Why?I may have broken my foot...Well he hasn't taken the job yet, has he?No, but I know he willOh...I can't believe he would choose a job over meI feel bad for Auntie SkipperMe tooWe have to cheer her upBut how?I don't...(Ding!)Ah-haaa!Oh no...Not another one of your silly ideasAh-ahhh!This is a good ideaCome on!(Click!)(Click!)(Click!)There!That's a nice photo of Auntie SkipperAre you going to tell us what you’re doing?I'm setting up Auntie Skipper's page on this matchmaker siteAhhh...Why?So we can find her a new boyfriendAnnabelle...What?It's a good ideaNo it’s not...It’s a great idea!Why didn't I think of that?!Because you're not as smart as meI don't understandFirst I make this page with everything about Auntie Skipper on itAnd then all the handsome boys will see itand Auntie Skipper will have a new boyfriendWhy didn't I think of that!Ok, so what do we say about Auntie SkipperShe likes to read books...Hmmm...And she likes riding her bikeHmmm...We need to make her sound amazing!Like...Like she's a modelYeah!And...And she's a black belt in karate!Yes!And she's an astronaut!Astronaut?!Yeah!Why not!Astronaut...This is great!Keep them comingHow are you feeling, Auntie Skipper?I'm still a bit sadThanks for asking(Ding!)Oh wow!Guys, come here!We'll be right back, Auntie SkipperWhat is it?Someone called Bill replied to Auntie Skipper's pageHe wants to meet herYes!We did it!And look at this guy!He's so handsome!He sure is!Auntie Skipper is going to be so happy!(Slam!)I think he's here!Ok!Auntie Skipper, can you come here?Sure AnnabelleWhat's up?We have a big surprise for youSurprise?What surprise?Just wait...I can't wait to see the look on Auntie Skipper's faceMe too!Here we go...One, two, three!Huh?Can we help you?I'm here to see SkipperYou're Bill?That's me!Oh boy!Now I really can't wait to see the look on Auntie Skipper's face(Slam!)Oooh! He's coming!Close your eyes Auntie SkipperOkAnd, one, two, three!Meet you new boyfriend!New boyfriend?What?You’re not BillThis is BillBut he doesn't look like the photoThat is me in the photo!It was just taken forty years agoOh great!What's going on?You said you wanted to meet meMeet you?YesOn the matchmaker siteMatchmaker site?I didn't...Astronaut?Movie star?President?Hey!Who did this?Guys!So...You want to go to the movies or something...?Oh!Auntie Skipper's page isn't here anymoreWell we didn’t know he was an old manWhat are we going to do now?I don’t...Hi guysWhat are you three up to?Hmmm...Tommy, can you take Auntie Stacie upstairsand show her that thing you made?Huh?But I didn't...Tommy!Remember...?Oh, rightCome with me Auntie StacieCome sit down here, MaxSure!Auntie Skipper...!Max, are you really happy with Auntie Stacie?YesShe's great!Haven’t you two been together long enough now?NoI...We think it’s time you had a changeBut I don’t want to...Yes girls?Auntie you new boyfriend!Huh?Max?But he's with StacieNot anymore!Well thanks for wasting my time, TommyThey told me toYour nieces want me to be Skipper's boyfriendWhat!Don't look at me!Tommy, Matt is hereYay!Hi Tommy!Hi girls!Hi Matt!What are you guys doing?We're trying to cheer up our Auntie SkipperYeahShe's sad because...(Ding!)Hmmm...Matt, come with meWhat are you doing?I've got an idea...Oh that's great news!I know!I'm so happy!Auntie Skipper, meet your new boyfriend!Where?What do you mean, where?Matt of course!Me?Don't you think Matt's a little too young for me?Ummm...No!It doesn’t matter anyway, TommyZac and I are back together againHe's not taking the job!Isn't that great news!Well you could have told me before!Sorry MattThat's okI've already got a girlfriendYou do?!Yeah!Cindy from the playcentreHmmm...Maybe I should get a girlfriend...

Barbie - The Three Little Matchmakers

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<text sub="clublinks" start="0.766" dur="5.284">Barbie - The Three Little Matchmakers</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="6.922" dur="0.659">Fine!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="7.798" dur="1.411">Then take the job!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="9.682" dur="2.428">Well I'm not sure what else I can do?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="12.655" dur="1">Ahhh...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="13.982" dur="1.287">Don't take the job!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="15.705" dur="2.846">But it's such an great opportunity for me</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="20.439" dur="1.276">Skipper...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="22.059" dur="0.939">Bye Zac</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="23.252" dur="1.37">Have a nice life!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="25.148" dur="0.597">(Slam!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="26.435" dur="0.836">Skipper!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="29.213" dur="1.888">(Crying)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="31.101" dur="0.767">Skipper!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="31.941" dur="1.071">What's wrong?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="33.448" dur="0.599">Zac...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="34.428" dur="1.135">We broke up</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="36.063" dur="0.907">What?!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="37.261" dur="0.835">What?!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="38.586" dur="1.989">What does break up mean?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="41.029" dur="4.448">He got a job offer and it's on the other side of the country</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="45.949" dur="1.383">Oh Skipper...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="47.786" dur="0.728">Right!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="48.641" dur="1.18">Where is he?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="50.184" dur="1.473">He's out the front</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="53.962" dur="1">I'll be back</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="55.271" dur="2.521">No one makes my Auntie upset!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="59.008" dur="1.19">Isabelle...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="63.157" dur="0.93">Isabelle!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="64.388" dur="2.919">You messed with the wrong family, Zac!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="67.652" dur="0.5">Huh?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="68.515" dur="1">And don't...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="69.824" dur="0.746">Ahhhh-ya!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="70.57" dur="0.5">(Whack!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="71.425" dur="0.909">Isabelle...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="72.334" dur="0.837">Come...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="73.298" dur="0.564">Ahhhh-ya!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="73.862" dur="0.51">(Whack!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="74.844" dur="0.5">But...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="75.426" dur="0.5">Back!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="76.444" dur="0.583">Ahhhh-ya!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="77.027" dur="0.564">(Whack!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="77.991" dur="0.528">I...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="78.519" dur="3.05">And there's plenty more where that came from!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="81.968" dur="0.5">(Slam!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="83.098" dur="1.198">Don't be mad...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="87" dur="1.554">What did you do?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="88.936" dur="4.106">I showed him what happens when he messes with this family!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="93.569" dur="1.29">Isabelle...!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="95.259" dur="2.662">Well he made Auntie Skipper upset</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="98.466" dur="2.019">Well thank you, Isabelle</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="100.902" dur="1.11">You're welcome</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="102.738" dur="1.944">Just one thing...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="105.172" dur="1.162">Yes Isabelle?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="106.915" dur="1.77">Can I have an ice pack?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="109.229" dur="0.655">Why?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="110.628" dur="2.624">I may have broken my foot...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="115.577" dur="2.783">Well he hasn't taken the job yet, has he?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="118.977" dur="2.702">No, but I know he will</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="122.332" dur="0.738">Oh...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="123.651" dur="3.713">I can't believe he would choose a job over me</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="128.126" dur="2.644">I feel bad for Auntie Skipper</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="131.26" dur="1.18">Me too</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="132.912" dur="1.87">We have to cheer her up</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="135.327" dur="0.988">But how?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="136.769" dur="0.969">I don't...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="138.01" dur="0.863">(Ding!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="139.327" dur="1.479">Ah-haaa!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="141.187" dur="1.217">Oh no...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="142.821" dur="2.767">Not another one of your silly ideas</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="145.915" dur="0.815">Ah-ahhh!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="147.003" dur="1.667">This is a good idea</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="148.983" dur="0.748">Come on!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="151.637" dur="0.5">(Click!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="152.518" dur="0.5">(Click!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="153.018" dur="0.5">(Click!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="153.798" dur="0.649">There!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="154.829" dur="2.451">That's a nice photo of Auntie Skipper</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="158.133" dur="2.721">Are you going to tell us what you’re doing?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="161.29" dur="4.199">I'm setting up Auntie Skipper's page on this matchmaker site</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="165.943" dur="0.886">Ahhh...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="167.374" dur="0.775">Why?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="168.603" dur="2.607">So we can find her a new boyfriend</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="171.718" dur="1.624">Annabelle...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="173.832" dur="0.77">What?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="174.784" dur="1.426">It's a good idea</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="176.646" dur="1.364">No it’s not...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="178.383" dur="2.1">It’s a great idea!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="180.592" dur="2.354">Why didn't I think of that?!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="183.236" dur="2.234">Because you're not as smart as me</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="185.996" dur="1.932">I don't understand</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="188.364" dur="4.095">First I make this page with everything about Auntie Skipper on it</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="192.649" dur="2.81">And then all the handsome boys will see it</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="195.622" dur="2.69">and Auntie Skipper will have a new boyfriend</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="198.73" dur="2.33">Why didn't I think of that!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="201.423" dur="3.577">Ok, so what do we say about Auntie Skipper</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="205.781" dur="1.884">She likes to read books...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="208.264" dur="1.201">Hmmm...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="209.901" dur="2.305">And she likes riding her bike</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="212.714" dur="1.035">Hmmm...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="214.203" dur="2.567">We need to make her sound amazing!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="217.079" dur="0.69">Like...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="218.559" dur="1.441">Like she's a model</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="220.454" dur="0.872">Yeah!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="221.581" dur="0.707">And...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="222.742" dur="2.832">And she's a black belt in karate!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="226.137" dur="0.807">Yes!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="228.061" dur="2.439">And she's an astronaut!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="231.063" dur="1.333">Astronaut?!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="232.832" dur="1.053">Yeah!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="234.266" dur="0.962">Why not!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="236.045" dur="2.65">Astronaut...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="239.312" dur="1.242">This is great!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="240.793" dur="1.558">Keep them coming</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="244.021" dur="2.345">How are you feeling, Auntie Skipper?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="246.82" dur="1.724">I'm still a bit sad</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="248.816" dur="1.453">Thanks for asking</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="250.632" dur="0.5">(Ding!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="251.703" dur="1.089">Oh wow!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="253.427" dur="1.728">Guys, come here!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="255.536" dur="2.415">We'll be right back, Auntie Skipper</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="258.477" dur="0.926">What is it?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="259.893" dur="3.505">Someone called Bill replied to Auntie Skipper's page</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="263.634" dur="1.597">He wants to meet her</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="265.731" dur="0.801">Yes!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="266.75" dur="1.148">We did it!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="268.279" dur="1.925">And look at this guy!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="270.548" dur="1.8">He's so handsome!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="272.766" dur="1.507">He sure is!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="274.69" dur="2.868">Auntie Skipper is going to be so happy!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="280.735" dur="0.5">(Slam!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="281.842" dur="1.639">I think he's here!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="283.971" dur="1.235">Ok!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="285.859" dur="2.868">Auntie Skipper, can you come here?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="289.381" dur="1.089">Sure Annabelle</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="290.615" dur="0.69">What's up?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="291.849" dur="2.49">We have a big surprise for you</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="294.829" dur="1.017">Surprise?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="296.191" dur="1.161">What surprise?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="297.97" dur="1.488">Just wait...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="300.257" dur="3.668">I can't wait to see the look on Auntie Skipper's face</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="304.252" dur="1.224">Me too!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="305.875" dur="1.325">Here we go...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="307.636" dur="2.853">One, two, three!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="313.067" dur="0.526">Huh?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="314.047" dur="2.054">Can we help you?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="316.537" dur="1.852">I'm here to see Skipper</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="319.024" dur="1.47">You're Bill?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="320.93" dur="0.998">That's me!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="322.428" dur="1.283">Oh boy!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="324.219" dur="4.339">Now I really can't wait to see the look on Auntie Skipper's face</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="329.284" dur="0.5">(Slam!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="330.137" dur="1.86">Oooh! He's coming!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="332.669" dur="2.214">Close your eyes Auntie Skipper</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="335.464" dur="1.056">Ok</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="337.01" dur="3.334">And, one, two, three!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="340.725" dur="2.151">Meet you new boyfriend!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="344.655" dur="1.696">New boyfriend?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="346.823" dur="0.926">What?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="347.966" dur="1.344">You’re not Bill</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="349.782" dur="1.76">This is Bill</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="351.996" dur="2.694">But he doesn't look like the photo</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="355" dur="2.049">That is me in the photo!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="357.285" dur="2.715">It was just taken forty years ago</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="360.472" dur="1.14">Oh great!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="361.993" dur="1.403">What's going on?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="363.886" dur="2.396">You said you wanted to meet me</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="366.682" dur="1.089">Meet you?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="368.119" dur="0.672">Yes</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="369.229" dur="1.93">On the matchmaker site</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="371.576" dur="1.579">Matchmaker site?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="373.5" dur="0.799">I didn't...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="375.37" dur="1.125">Astronaut?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="377.258" dur="1.234">Movie star?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="379.164" dur="0.965">President?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="380.71" dur="0.726">Hey!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="381.599" dur="1.443">Who did this?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="384.126" dur="1.032">Guys!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="385.92" dur="1.162">So...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="387.717" dur="2.814">You want to go to the movies or something...?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="392.781" dur="0.874">Oh!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="394.055" dur="2.886">Auntie Skipper's page isn't here anymore</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="397.358" dur="2.867">Well we didn’t know he was an old man</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="400.606" dur="1.968">What are we going to do now?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="402.991" dur="0.62">I don’t...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="403.611" dur="0.955">Hi guys</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="405" dur="1.71">What are you three up to?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="407.62" dur="1.718">Hmmm...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="409.621" dur="3.463">Tommy, can you take Auntie Stacie upstairs</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="413.084" dur="2.279">and show her that thing you made?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="415.853" dur="0.5">Huh?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="416.88" dur="0.958">But I didn't...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="417.838" dur="0.819">Tommy!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="419.074" dur="1.49">Remember...?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="421.398" dur="2.322">Oh, right</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="424.5" dur="2.062">Come with me Auntie Stacie</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="427.707" dur="1.962">Come sit down here, Max</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="430.123" dur="0.645">Sure!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="431.113" dur="1.526">Auntie Skipper...!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="433.256" dur="4.162">Max, are you really happy with Auntie Stacie?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="437.68" dur="0.738">Yes</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="438.545" dur="1.245">She's great!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="440.335" dur="3.5">Haven’t you two been together long enough now?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="444.118" dur="0.713">No</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="445.14" dur="0.5">I...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="445.64" dur="2.662">We think it’s time you had a change</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="448.701" dur="1.675">But I don’t want to...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="450.648" dur="1.311">Yes girls?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="452.34" dur="1.307">Auntie Skipper...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="453.974" dur="2.241"> you new boyfriend!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="456.633" dur="0.516">Huh?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="457.657" dur="0.726">Max?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="458.71" dur="1.634">But he's with Stacie</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="460.798" dur="1.415">Not anymore!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="462.595" dur="2.839">Well thanks for wasting my time, Tommy</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="465.779" dur="1.922">They told me to</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="468.136" dur="3.07">Your nieces want me to be Skipper's boyfriend</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="471.605" dur="0.763">What!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="475.534" dur="1.707">Don't look at me!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="479.401" dur="1.968">Tommy, Matt is here</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="481.841" dur="0.897">Yay!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="483.12" dur="0.885">Hi Tommy!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="484.331" dur="1.068">Hi girls!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="485.708" dur="1.395">Hi Matt!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="487.43" dur="1.89">What are you guys doing?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="489.538" dur="2.918">We're trying to cheer up our Auntie Skipper</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="492.801" dur="0.843">Yeah</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="493.826" dur="1.633">She's sad because...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="495.459" dur="0.672">(Ding!)</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="496.912" dur="0.879">Hmmm...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="498.608" dur="2.196">Matt, come with me</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="501.276" dur="1.489">What are you doing?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="503.291" dur="1.997">I've got an idea...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="507.357" dur="1.859">Oh that's great news!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="509.543" dur="1">I know!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="510.652" dur="1.474">I'm so happy!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="512.44" dur="3.487">Auntie Skipper, meet your new boyfriend!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="516.436" dur="0.815">Where?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="517.708" dur="1.741">What do you mean, where?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="519.649" dur="1.416">Matt of course!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="521.409" dur="1">Me?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="522.826" dur="3.038">Don't you think Matt's a little too young for me?</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="526.427" dur="0.601">Ummm...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="527.337" dur="0.764">No!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="528.5" dur="1.882">It doesn’t matter anyway, Tommy</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="530.527" dur="2.231">Zac and I are back together again</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="533.03" dur="1.695">He's not taking the job!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="534.888" dur="1.697">Isn't that great news!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="537.021" dur="2.368">Well you could have told me before!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="540" dur="0.995">Sorry Matt</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="541.43" dur="1.22">That's ok</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="542.85" dur="2.044">I've already got a girlfriend</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="545.166" dur="1.17">You do?!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="546.808" dur="0.708">Yeah!</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="547.806" dur="2.145">Cindy from the playcentre</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="550.568" dur="0.914">Hmmm...</text>
<text sub="clublinks" start="551.827" dur="2.493">Maybe I should get a girlfriend...</text>